Content Writing

Would you rather have a root canal than write content?

Do your content writing tasks seem like a dark cloud hanging over you that won’t go away? 

Is it hard to convey your meaning and voice in writing?

Do you wish you could wave a magic wand and have your writing done for you? 

Here’s your magic wand.

You might need a content writer if...

  • ...people look at you with a blank stare, even after you've explained the same concept three times in a row.
  • takes you hours to put your thoughts on paper, but even then it doesn't sound right.
  •'re so swamped that you hardly have time to return a text, let alone draft an article or report.
  • ...your content requires a lot of explanation, supportive research, or clearly outlined points.
  • keep promising yourself, "I'll start publishing a regular newsletter next week." But still no newsletter in sight...
  • keep hitting brick walls with potential funders and community partners.

If you answered yes to even ONE of these, then you probably need a content writer.

Guess what? I'm a content writing guru.

In addition to grant writing, I specialize in content writing for nonprofits and small businesses. 

My writing style ranges from ultra-professional to casual-conversational depending on the situation. 

If you’re looking for ultra-professional writing, I help clients with:

  • Complex research and technical reports
  • Grant writing
  • Professional reports, presentations, and templates

For a more casual-conversational style, my projects include:

  • Articles, newsletters, and blog posts
  • Website content
  • Taking your videos or audio content and transforming it into killer written content and downloads

While that may seem random, both types of writing voices tie directly to my background, training, and experience. I enjoy the variety of both styles and the unique challenges of each. 

Throw a few website and graphic design requests in the mix, and you just became my dream client.

Should we talk?

I’d love to help with your small business or nonprofit content writing. Message me in the box below, or click “Send me a voicemail” to the right of the screen.