Why work with me?

I like solving problems and relieving your headaches. 
I geek out on all things grants and strategy. 
I treat my client’s business like it’s my own. 
I will fight to the death for proper use of the Oxford comma and semicolon.
Writing is second nature to me. Don’t worry, I won’t judge if it’s not your thing; that’s where I come in! 

…but I will secretly correct your grammar and punctuation. 🙂

In other words, if you’re my client, I’ve got your back.

Teresa Huff | Grant Strategist and Content Writer

Why am I qualified?

The short story: 
I have a Master’s in Education and 20+ years of experience in grants, strategic planning, writing, education, business, project management, and real estate. 
The long story
I’ve done some pretty technical stuff in case you’re wondering about specific creds…
  • Won several million dollars in grant funding for schools and nonprofits
  • Developed strategies to help nonprofits triple their funding
  • Successfully written federal, state, local, corporate, and foundation grants
  • Won several highly competitive Neighborhood Assistance Program $500,000 state tax credit applications
  • Developed online grant writing courses and training materials
  • Wrote complex commercial litigation reports, legal rebuttals, and neighborhood analysis reports
  • Conducted high level research and data compilation
  • Published as a co-author of The Block Academy "Builders" curriculum, a partnership between MegaBloks and DEPCO, LLC
  • Served as Director of Corporate Development, Operations Manager, Portfolio Manager, and Project Manager for a real estate investment company, managing an international team of employees and contractors to oversee rehabs and closings in multiple states
  • Created WordPress websites and e-newsletters to increase traffic and email lists
  • Developed corporate policies, processes, and online internal training using an LMS platform
  • Created articles, newsletters, lead magnets, e-books, and graphics designed to maximize SEO and user engagement
  • Graduated with a 4.0 Master's, summa cum laude Bachelor's in K-12 Special Education, and Outstanding Student in Elementary Education Award

What do my clients have to say?

Thank you so much for your help with the state tax credit application. We couldn't have done it without you. You are the best.
Jodi Billings
Nonprofit Executive Director
I have worked with Teresa on multiple projects over the years. Her work is detailed and she is highly organized. I have turned to her for advice on some of my own business projects. I would highly recommend using Teresa for mentoring or coaching.
Marla Harmon
Digital Marketing & Website Designer
Excellent report: Clear and relevant. We appreciated your work.
Christopher Brancart
Attorney, Brancart & Brancart

The attorneys think you're wonderful. In fact, you've won over a lot of people with this project.
The attorneys loved the write-up about the water issues. One attorney asked where I got it because he thought it was written by a professional. I told him it was; it was written by you. 🙂
Not only did they like it, but they want you to do some writing for them in the future.
Jim Sanders, MBA
Real Estate Appraisal Litigation, LLC
I just took your course and found it very clear and practical. Thank you for guiding me step by step through the basics of the grant writing process.
Grant Writer

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